About Me

Alysa Mounce

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach

After a run in with a highly manipulative individual in 2016 and being forced to study Anti Social Personality Disorder, I discovered the reason several of my relationships throughout my 30’s had failed. I had repeatedly engaged with men who exhibited Narcissistic personality traits. While my social media sites were intended only for a safe place for me to vent my anger and frustration over the outlandish lies being spun, I gained a fast following and quickly realized that many people were suffering the same form of abuse. Now, 3 years later, I have become a Certified Coach and assist people in not only understanding the abuse and the personality disorder, but I help them to reclaim themselves and restore joy in their lives.

I have known Alysa for 15 years. I recently sought her opinion on some personal concerns. She was extremely kind and thoughtful. She provided me with a perspective I didn’t think of. It was easy to reach her and schedule my appointment. I found the Zoom platform that we used to meet on easy, convenient to use and great during this time of social distancing. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking life changing advice or just a different perspective on matters of importance. She is a knowledgeable, caring, and skilled professional.

-Amber Asson

“There are times in a persons life where going through a storm seems hopeless, full of despair, and with no clear way through or out of their circumstances, they may turn to a therapist. The greatest tragedy that a person can feel in this storm is that they are alone, and the greatest gift that a person can receive is total emotional understanding and emancipation. With Alysa Mounce as their Coach, in the balance of the two, one can find the greatest liberation to both extremes; a true friend”

-Stephen G.

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