Radical Change Requires Radical Acceptance.


One of the most impactful moments of my life happened when I first met my psychologist.

I was in a mess. My entire life was deteriorating around me at a rapid pace. I was in the midst of a divorce. I had been terribly betrayed by my sister. And to make matters worse one of my closest friends died unexpectedly. She was only 32 and left behind 3 children. I was devastated in more ways than one, and desperate for answers.

I walked in unassuming and introduced myself to the good Dr. She was attractive, tall and lithe, with straight brown hair. Basically, everything I wasn’t. She proceeded to ask me what brought me to her office. I responded by telling her I was getting divorced and wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

She looked at me and took a long sigh then said “Well I’m glad you got that out of the way, now tell me why you’re really here”. I began sobbing and told her everything. Not just the divorce…the actual problems in the marriage, my sisters betrayal, and the loss of my friend.

At the end of the meeting she gave me an assignment. I was to go home and watch “Queen of the Damned”. Yes, the vampire movie starring the late Aaliyah.

I watched intently as this beautiful and powerful immortal feminine force slowly became her own worst enemy and ultimately solely responsible for her downfall.

And then I realized: I had created the mess that was my life. As much as I wanted to blame my estranged husband, and my sister for all my present turmoil, it was my fault. Every bit of it. My fault. 🤯

And that was the beginning of radically changing my life.

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