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Proof That a Smile Does not Equal Happiness

This popped up in my memories not long ago. You can’t tell by looking; I portray a pretty happy persona, but behind that smile was a very sad, broken hearted, hopeless girl.

This was 2013. I’d been divorced for 6 years. I’d had a myriad of failed relationships. And the last one had ended about 3 weeks prior to this moment.

Directly after the breakup, in a desperate attempt to soothe my broken heart and divert my attention from the pain, I began my first and last stint with online dating. I ended up flying to Seattle with a gentleman who proved to be anything but. He was a pilot for a small company who ran charter jets (that ice sculpture, though part of it resembles the male anatomy 🙈 is actually of a jet).

I had agreed to go to his company Christmas party with him as long as he agreed to provide me my own accommodations. After all, it was a blind date. He agreed. I flew to Seattle, and upon check-in at the posh downtown hotel, I quickly discovered he was not a man of his word. At this point I should have left. But for whatever reason, most probably my lack of experience, I didn’t. I attended the party and spent a very awkward night trying to sleep next to a perfect stranger.

He attempted to see me again. I was terribly unimpressed however, and his last attempt came at valentines that year. He flew into where I lived and popped into my work where I was waiting tables part time to “surprise me”. I politely served he and his co pilot their lunch and said my goodbyes.

After my shift I saw a text “I hope it was a pleasant surprise to see me on Valentine’s Day”. Wow 🤯. I had never read anything more arrogant in my life! I responded by telling him that without any doubt, him showing up at my place of work, unannounced, requiring me to serve him, without so much as a flower or card on Valentine’s Day was not pleasant. Then I blocked him.

I should have cut contact after that first broken promise. Lesson learned. So hindsight I say, do yourselves a favor and when people show you who they are, believe them the first time🤍

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