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The “Toxic” Filtered Life

“Toxic”. That’s the name of the filter I used on the left👈🏻. The right is the untouched, imperfect, and real 42 year old me in the best natural light I could find.

I try to to share bits and pieces of myself with you here. It’s obviously limited. It’s social media. That’s the way it works. Regardless, I won’t lie, it’s somewhat unnatural to me. I’ve had to push myself to make videos and stories. I’m very much an introvert. Which I might clarify doesn’t mean I don’t like people or am socially backward. (I’ve heard people say this about introverts before and from introverts everywhere please know that’s not true!) The truth is I love people and am very outgoing in social situations. I just tend to absorb others energy and need recharging away from all the stimuli.

As for this coronavirus thing, while many are clamoring about stockpiling groceries and apparently toilet paper, I’m serenely at home with my freezer full of butcher block meats and whatever I already have stocked in my pantry. Oh, and my attachable bidet 😉, which always puts a smile on my face😆. I’m a glass half full, everything works for the good, eternal optimist sort of person. My rose colored glasses have become a part of who I am.

Anyway, back to this filter named “toxic”. It got me thinking. We all want to present ourselves in the best light. None of us wave our flaws like a red flag for all to see. We all filter out those less than perfect qualities we possess. But none do it quite to the extent the toxic persons among us do. The truth is we ALL have flaws. And not just the ones we wear on the outside.

The more toxic a person is the more desperate they are to have others perceive them as “perfect” “put together” “successful” “desirable” and “elite”. Their entire world is one rife with “toxic”filters in every area of their life. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Fantasy. Illusion.

And so I encourage you to be authentic, “unfiltered”, unapologetically who you are. And as you get to know others, look for the unfiltered version of them. The last thing you need is another “toxic filtered” person diminishing your beautiful, natural light🤍

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