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Three Reasons your Marriage should come before your Children

I dont know when it became mainstream to “always put the children first”. But in many ways it appears it has. And I’m going to do my best to push back and explain how damaging not prioritizing your marriage over children can be.

Below are three reasons to put your marriage before your children:

❇️ Children are a byproduct of you and your spouses love. Your marriage is not the result of your children. The marriage came first, and it should remain first. A strong and happy, functional marriage between two emotionally mature people trickles down. It makes for happy partners, parents, AND children. Not taking the time to cultivate your marriage will result in marital troubles and even divorce. This is hard on everyone. Including children.

❇️ Putting your children first gives them an unrealistic sense of importance and entitlement. Trust me when I tell you their future employers are NOT going to prioritize your child’s wants and wishes before that of other employees and their company. And neither should you. Your marriage IS the company.

❇️ Children who grow up in healthy homes watching mom and dad work together as a team, respecting, loving, and treating one another with kindness will learn valuable, healthy ways of engaging in their own future relationships. If family dysfunction can be handed down, so can family function.

If your marriage is suffering I suggest reading and applying @gottmaninstitute “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work” and do the work to heal your marriage and your children’s future. I’ll include the link in my highlights for easy access.🤍

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