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It’s All in A Story

We all have a story to tell. Sadly, mine consists of three men I dated who I would later realize had varying narcissistic personality traits.

Narcissist #1 was a playboy. He was charming and seductive. He lacked empathy or any concern for others, and he was charismatic. I fell for him hard and he, for a time nearly destroyed me. By the time the relationship had ended, I was actually revolted by the human being he proved to be. Something in me switched. And once he was gone, I never looked back. Except I still didn’t know what Narcissism was.

Narcissist #2 was an insecure man with big pockets. He had a lot of money, and used his money to manipulate and control not just myself, but others. He was not generous, but only gave as a means to control. If he didn’t get his way, he would go silent, and give the silent treatment until I could no longer stand it, and would make amends just to have peace.

Narcissist #3 was secretive. He refused to speak of his past, and the only relationships I ever really heard about came from other people telling me about them. He was insecure, and wore a “tough guy” nobody messes with me mask. He was easily agitated, though he came across quiet. His fits of rage would often end in my hands and arms being cut and bruised, and he would hide my keys and phone as a way to trap me giving me no way to leave or call for help.

You can listen to a little more about my story on my YouTube Channel below.

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