About Me


Alysa Mounce

I have transformed my life, and I can help you do the same.

Hi! I’m Alysa. I am a Certified Life Coach with specialties in Transformational coaching, Solution Focused Coaching, and Positive Psychology Coaching. My platform focuses on Narcissistic Abuse Education and Recovery. I am the author of “Divorcing Crazy: An Essential Guide to Getting Rid of Crazy and Getting Back to Life” which has helped numerous people divorce the narcissist in their life and begin recovery to reclaim their joy and happiness. I am a quiet, introverted, and happy individual with strong convictions. I am a blessed mother of two children, and content wife. Though my life is quiet and peaceful now, it was not always so. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way, and made several mistakes along the way. My life’s mission is to help those seeking peaceful and fulfilling relationships to find that by sharing the lessons that took me half a lifetime to learn and creating a personalized roadmap for for others on their journey to ultimate peace and fulfillment.