Narcissistic Abuse and Beyond

The Narcissistic Supply Triad within Personal Relationships

Advertisements I’ve noticed how a few things work together within a narcissists most personal relationships and I’ve coined this the “Narcissistic Supply Triad”. It models how power, and control ultimately feed the narcissist by creating the illusion of self importance. Control:  Controlling the victims thoughts, behaviors and therefore life creates an intense feeling of… POWER:  … Continue reading “The Narcissistic Supply Triad within Personal Relationships”

The Most Difficult Video I’ve Ever had to Make

What I’m about to say may not be popular. It could very easily be met with an insane amount of criticism, judgement, misunderstanding, and contempt. It could be taken offensively. BUT the need to speak my truth outweighs my need to be popular, and so with great conviction I put this out there hoping it will be met in the spirit in which it is intended.