Divorcing Crazy: The Ultimate Guide to Divorcing the Narcissist in Your Life


Are you facing a divorce or breakup from an abusive Narcissistic partner?

After divorcing an abusive man in 2015 and subsequently witnessing close family and friends divorce high conflict partners I have gained an insight and understanding into the warped world of the Narcissistic mind. And guess what? YOU CAN BEAT THE NARCISSIST AT HIS OWN GAME!

After being bullied, put down, and belittled for years by a Narcissistic partner, divorce can seem overwhelming and not worth the fight.  But, it is and I can show you how.

In this document I will take you through the steps of a divorce, give you insight how to combat the Narcissists ridiculous lies in the courtroom, explain how to best deal with the smear campaign, give you detailed insight into the dynamics of the Narcissistic breakup, help you to get your finances in order, and explain how to best protect yourself from your abusive ex using your children as weapons by alienating them from you, or flipping the script and calling you the alienator.  I use clear and concise examples from my own life and those of close friends and family to bring you awareness and understanding so you can GET RID OF CRAZY and get BACK TO LIFE!



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