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Welcome to coaching!
I am looking forward to working with you. The information that follows is designed to answer some frequently asked questions and provide a better understanding of the coaching process. If at anytime this information is unclear, please feel free to email me at

How Coaching is different than Therapy

It is important to understand that Coaching is NOT therapy. Coaching may touch on the clients past, but it focuses on current challenges and the future. Coaching is an effective method and is often used simultaneously alongside therapy. Coaching is a powerful way to understand and cope with current problems and carve a plan of action for the desired outcome and success of the client.

What can you expect from coaching?
During the coaching process, my complete attention and focus will be on you. The coaching process is designed to help you identify goals, pinpoint any strongholds, create a plan of action, and achieve your personal goals with support and guidance. I will provide a structure to identify your goals, strengths, and motivations by asking powerful questions, offer different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in your life.  Everything we discuss will be confidential. Remember, I will always be in your corner with your best interests and your agenda at heart.

Apply for Coaching Here

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Services Customized to your specific needs and goals

After applying for coaching I will determine whether you are a good candidate for my services. If I determine that you are I will then customize a plan exclusively to fit your life circumstances, goals, and budget. The plan will include sessions, workbooks/exercises, and action planning. My goal is to make my services widely available and affordable to help as many clients create the life they dream of.

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Health and Fitness Coaching

Health and fitness have long been a passion of mine. Alongside my professional life coaching expertise I also offer health and fitness coaching to those looking to either lose weight, achieve the next level of fitness, tone up, lean down, or just have better overall health and energy. The methods used are time tested and any person regardless of current fitness level will achieve results through my coaching services. I offer 24/7 support and when you join you’ll also have access to an interactive online community that keeps you motivated, and encouraged. Apply for my Fitness Coaching Program here.


“I’ve known Alysa for 13 years. When I disovered her career as an [abuse] coach I immediately felt safety. I knew she would be the one to help me heal. I’m forever blessed for the eye opening realizations Alysa has helped me dig deep and discover. She has given me tools and made me realize many things about myself I was unaware of. Alysa has been a vital piece of my journey. I will always cherish the growth that has come from my relationship with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Paige C.

“Alysa has been amazing with helping me deal with so much past trauma. I still question myself constantly and she’s always there to help encourage me and give me practical advice that give me such hope. Her own experiences with narcissistic abuse has made her very good at what she does because she truly “get it!”. She’s walked in those shoes and she is so well prepared to help those of us who need help with our own journey of navigating through these frightening waters. I highly recommend Alysa. You wont regret employing her counsel. She is very wise, yet also very warm and kind. She cares about you as an individual and her past experiences help so much with he way she coaches to get through hard times.”

— M. Estridge

“There are times in a persons life where going through the storm seems hopeless, full of despair, and with no clear way through or out of their circumstances, they may turn to a therapist. The greatest tragedy that a person can fell in this storm is that they are alone, and the greatest gift that a person can receive is total understanding and emancipation.

With Alysa Mounce as their life coach, in the balance of the two, one can fid the greatest liberation to both extremes; a true friend.

-Stephen G.