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Haters of Truth

Some of you may have seen in my story this past weekend a gentleman who felt the need to message me and tell me that “the world needs more love, to own my part, and that love is the answer, not my bashing, hateful ways”. I don’t even know who he thought I was bashing on, but the fact that he took any of my posts personally tells me all I really need to know.

This gentleman was obviously triggered by the truth I speak about certain unhealthy individuals in our society and how they harm everyone they come in contact with. Anyone who knows me or has followed me for even a smidgeon of time knows what I do is far from about hate. Quite the opposite. I love others, people who I have never even met, enough to spend a considerable amount of my time to bring education, and awareness. Supporting them through my platform that is focused on healing and creating healthy minds and relationships.

I thought this would be a good time to remind everyone that not everyone will appreciate the truth. To them it will sound like hate (that’s proverbs:9 7-8 btw). That’s ok. Speak the truth anyway, because what this world needs now more than ever are lovers of the truth. Not haters of lovers of the truth. Have a terrific Tuesday 🤍