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There is Life after Narcissistic Abuse.

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“Becoming You” after Narcissistic Abuse

It is rare to not completely lose yourself in a Narcissistic Relationship. Years of being beaten down, criticized, yelled at, called names, gas lighted, lied to, triangulated, insulted, laughed at, and belittled leaves victims both paralyzed in fear and unable to trust their own perceptions, resilience and strength.


My name is Alysa. I am a Certified Life Coach specializing in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. What brought me here? Throughout my late twenties and thirties I unknowingly dated several men who exhibited varying degrees of narcissistic behavior. They would come on strong, shower me with attention, idealize me, get me emotionally hooked, secure the relationship, and then the trouble would begin. They would suddenly disappear, show me blatant disrespect, give me the silent treatment, physically harm me, call me disgusting names, manufacture jealousy and drama, cheat on me, lie to me, manipulate me, and I would work hard at fixing and maintaining the relationship they had destroyed.

In 2015 it all came to a head after I married the last narcissistic abuser I would ever have an intimate relationship with. The marriage lasted a total of 10 months. I left after just six months when the abuse escalated to the level of threatening my life.

I have since healed from the abuse and remarried. I know the difference between unhealthy and healthy relationships. I am no longer the co dependent I once was. I am not afraid to assert myself or my boundaries. I trust my own perceptions. AND I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THE SAME.

Joy is within your reach. Come with me, and I’ll help you reclaim it.

xx Coach Alysa xx